Autonomous Undersea Robots Are Using Lasers to Make Offshore Operations Safer and More Efficient

Offshore equipment is built to endure, but nothing lasts forever in the extreme conditions of undersea operations. Even with protective coatings, all metal eventually corrodes in salt water, which is why offshore industries need to vigilantly inspect their assets on a regular basis.

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Avitas Systems – A New Model for Digital Transformation?

According to Forbes, every year, GE’s Minds and Machines conference makes a lot waves in the tech industry. Whether it’s new products or features, or whole new approaches to the way people and technology interact, there’s always something worth paying attention to. This year they noted a new partnership between Kraken Robotics and Avitas Systems, a GE Venture.

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Kraken Welcomes Vice Admiral Connor to Its Board

Kraken Robotics has informed that retired Vice Admiral Michael J. Connor, United States Navy, has joined its Board of Directors.

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Newfoundland Marine Technology Company is Evolving

Kraken discusses its growth from cutting its teeth in military markets with its synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) system to developing its own robotic systems to go after a bigger piece of the ocean survey industry and the various markets that exist therein. The company’s technology has been used to help locate some high profile historical items including test models of the Avro Arrow lost in the depths of Lake Ontario in the mid 1950s and one of the Franklin Expedition ships lost in the Canadian Arctic in 1845. The company will continue to invest in its existing technology, but is investing more in new areas including artificial intelligence. According to CEO Karl Kenny, “We have a team working on AI algorithms right now that will make our robots smarter, more autonomous, machine learning, be able to have the robot sense its environment and make decisions for itself. It can change its parameters, its speed, its sensors and payload performance.”


Hunting for a Canadian Legend: Avro Arrow

The New York Times discusses the search for test models of the Avro Arrow supersonic military jet from the 1950s. The search off the northern shore of Lake Ontario, in Prince Edward County, is led by OEX Recovery Group and uses the ThunderFish Alpha, an autonomous underwater vehicle equipped with a high-resolution sonar system, from Kraken Sonar.

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Long Lost Avro Arrow Model Found at Bottom of Lake Ontario

The Toronto Sun discuss the finding of a long-lost Avro Arrow model found at bottom of Lake Ontario. The find marks the “resurrection” of a groundbreaking piece of Canadian technology, which was discovered using Canadian technology, from Newfoundland’s Kraken Sonar.

Avro Arrow Test Model Found in Lake Ontario

CTV News provides coverage of the finding a test model of the iconic Avro Arrow fighter jet at the bottom of Lake Ontario. Raise the Arrow project leaders said new sonar imagery confirmed the first discovery of an Avro Arrow free-flight model since they were abandoned in the lake nearly six decades ago. “The models were part of the design test program for the Avro Arrow at Point Petre in the mid-1950’s, and were an important step in the final design work for the Arrow,” Raise the Arrow expedition leader John Burzynski said in a media release. OEX Recovery Group, which is spearheading the Raise the Arrow project, said it started searching near Point Petre, Ont., in July.

Seeing Beyond the Near Deep – Tech Firm Revolutionizes Underwater Exploration

Kraken Sonar Systems ThunderFish® Underwater Autonomous Vehicle (AUV), equipped with leading edge Aquapix® sonar system, delivers military-grade imagery for use in surveying ocean seabeds and underwater objects. NRC-IRAP support was instrumental in helping the company successfully adapt and develop its imaging technologies and robotic delivery systems to provide game-changing performance at accessible prices for multiple applications. Named for the mythical sea creature eulogized by Jules Verne, Kraken Sonar Systems Inc., of St. John’s, Newfoundland, is scoring commercial success by unlocking the secrets of our coastlines and oceans with leading-edge underwater imaging technology.

With the help of the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Kraken has deftly combined its business and research strategies to be a market leader in underwater sensors and robotics. AquaPix® is an industry leading Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) system that provides military-grade technology to enable superior 3D seabed imaging and mapping, faster data processing, and a lower cost than competing sonars.

Avro Arrow Recovery Launch Event


60 years Later, Looking to Recover Avro Arrow Prototypes

The National Post provides coverage of the Raise the Avro Arrow project announcement. The OEX Recovery Group is leading the effort to recover prototypes from Lake Ontario, 60 years later. Between 1954 and 1957, nine Avro models were fired at the lake to test its design and flight — they are now ‘the only intact pieces of that whole program’.

Raise the Avro Arrow: Group looks to recover prototypes from Lake Ontario, 60 years later