The Acoustic CorerTM (AC) creates a high-resolution 12m wide core penetrating the sub-seabed to depths greater than 40m. The AC provides a 3D image of stratigraphy layers and anomalies across the entire foundation footprint. It bridges the technology gap between cone penetrometer tests and narrow-focused boreholes, eliminating subjectivity from those localized data sets. The AC delivers a unique value to the clients like no other survey equipment on the market.

The rise of offshore windfarms in complex seabeds has led to increased levels of risk during foundation installation. The AC mitigates risk to pile driving by identifying geohazards pre-installation providing confidence in foundation design and placement. The AC provides risk mitigation solutions for:

  • Foundation locations

  • Jack-up punch through

  • Infrastructure decommissioning

  • Geotechnical ambiguity

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Kraken’s Acoustic CorerTM is a subsea surveying technology that interrogates the sub-seabed to optimize offshore installation programs. Acoustic CorerTM fills the gap between current geophysical and geotechnical site investigation methods by providing an acoustic core 12 meters in diameter, penetrating up to 30 meters sub-seabed.

Key global markets that use and benefit from this technology and Kraken’s expertise are renewable energy with offshore wind farms, where the survey data generated provides a unique, market-leading resolution sub-seabed image, reducing the risk of pile refusals and enabling accurate and cost-effective foundation design.

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