AquaPix® improves survey results while reducing costs and saving time. It offers the highest resolution seabed pixel at the lowest cost in the industry.

MINSAS is a configurable Miniature Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS). It maintains an industry-leading 1.9 x 2.1 cm constant Ultra HD resolution across the entire swath out to ranges of 200 meters per side, along with simultaneous 6 cm x 6 cm bathymetry.

SAS is a technology evolution, integrating the capability to perform imaging and bathymetric mapping simultaneously, while delivering significantly higher resolution, range, and the industry’s best Area Coverage Rates (ACR).

AquaPix® MINSAS is based around a modular array system which allows for array lengths of 60 cm, 120 cm, and 180 cm depending upon platform size and requirements. This modularity along with the industry’s smallest SAS processing module allows the MINSAS to be integrated into vehicles ranging from man-portable to large diameter.

AquaPix® Man-Portable is a Light Weight payload section (MINSAS 60 LW) designed to retrofit and integrate seamlessly with existing Man-Portable UUVs with diameters from 7.5″ to 9″. This modular payload section can be added and removed quickly in the field without recalibration; retaining the ability to use the vehicle’s existing OEM shipping containers.

Another unique feature of Kraken’s AquaPix® sonars is our Real-Time SAS (RTSAS) processing module. This industry-first capability processes raw sonar data into SAS tiles in real-time during the mission, to the internal storage hard drive or optional removable data pod. RTSAS allows for embedded Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and data exfiltration capabilities of processed SAS data and contacts, along with greatly reduced post mission analysis.

A SAS gap reducer can be added to the MINSAS to maximize SAS area coverage rate. The MINSAS provides a compact and power efficient payload for AUVs or towed platforms from 7.5” diameter upwards.

AquaPix® is delivered with Kraken’s SAS image processing software. The processing software, INSIGHT has been developed in-house and is validated against the processing and AUV data sets from NATO’s Undersea Research Center (known as NATO CMRE). INSIGHT runs on a standard PC GPU card at up to 5x real time and outputs geo-referenced SAS image tiles in XTF format. Other formats are also supported. The processing runs either on a desktop machine or embedded in a real time processing pod.

The hardware design addresses the need to be able to operate in highly cathodic environments and over a range of water temperatures and depths and can be configured for the diverse applications that are anticipated. The versatility of the system is possible by the use of individual array modules required for the vehicle, and integration of the latest generation low-power processing electronics.

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  • Real Time Processing

  • SAS nadir gap reducer
  • High resolution imagery

  • 3D bathymetry

  • Up to a 400 m swath

  • Configurable array size

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MINSAS is a miniature interferometric synthetic
aperture sonar (SAS) based
around a modular array system with lengths of 60 cm, 120 cm or 180 cm

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Man-Portable SAS

The Light-Weight payload (MINSAS 60 LW) designed to retrofit and integrate seamlessly with existing Man-Portable UUVs with diameters from 7.5″ to 9″

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DataPod™ is a rugged onboard hot-swappable data storage unit designed for use with the MINSAS systems. Available in
8 – 16 TB capacity in RAID configuration, and 1000 m, 3000 m and 6000 m depth ratings


INSIGHT is a complete software toolbox for post-processing of SAS imaging, bathymetry, georeferencing, and high-fidelity processing



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Kraken surveyed this wooden barge in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts in 2018 with its SeaScout® system in preparation for demonstrations with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts


The Kraken team includes internationally recognized sonar experts consisting of decades of experience. Their experience includes the design and supply of Synthetic Aperture Sonar and forward-looking 3D sonar, and a long history of research and development into military sonar.

Kraken has formed strategic alliances and technical co-operation agreements with military and industry partners to facilitate rapid proof of concept and system risk reduction. The AquaPix® system has now been integrated and demonstrated with vehicles around the world.

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