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Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)

Improving surveys with industry leading
sensor for high-coverage, high-resolution seabed imagery and 3D
bathymetry, rated up to 6000 m


Towed SAS Vehicle

Unparalleled survey speed and coverage to challenge the industry to rethink how shallow water surveys should be conducted,
rated up to 300 m


Pressure Neutral Battery

Double the AUV endurance, over twice the power per volume and less weight with
pressure neutral technology batteries,
rated up to 6000 m

Man-Portable SAS

Portable Synthetic Aperture Sonar

Low logistic man-portable surveys, with picture-perfect seabed images and bathymetry through a compact, SAS package for man-portable AUVs, rated up to 300 m

Sub-Bottom Imager™

Sub-Seabed Survey Service

ROV-mounted advanced acoustic technology for sub-seabed surveys, penetrating up to 8m depths.

Acoustic Corer™

Sub-Seabed Survey Service

Geohazard surveying system,
enables 12m wide core scanning, penetrating
the sub-seabed to depths greater than 40m.

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