Kraken’s SeaPower™ has the best energy-to-weight ratio on the market for pressure tolerant, deep sea batteries. They have enabled commercially offered AUVs to more than double their previous survey endurance, while using the same battery payload volume.

Each battery block is equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) which continually monitors the status and health of the battery. SeaPower batteries can be used singularly or connected in modular banks, depending on your requirement for capacity and voltage

Kraken’s proprietary pressure tolerant encapsulation technology is rated for up to 6000 m.

The pressure-tolerant battery is characterized by silicone encapsulated lithium-polymer cells, which are protected from the harmful effects of the seawater while leaving them flexible and stable. This silicone encapsulation eliminates the need for pressure housings or oil compensators, reducing both weight and costs.

  • High energy density

  • No oil filling, no seals

  • Modular

  • Fast charging 

  • Diverse connector options

  • Integrated Battery Management System




Rated up to 6000 m

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Kraken designs and manufactures unique pressure tolerant thrusters, drives, batteries, and electronics.

For marine research, exploration, deep-sea mining, gas hydrate development, science and industry the development of compact, cost-effective and reliable submersible vehicles, easy to operate and with the lowest possible operating costs are demanded – a new generation of unmanned diving robots operate autonomously and reliably from several thousand meters. The pressure-neutral technology developed by Kraken offers an alternative to conventional pressure-resistant encasings made of cost-intensive materials and the maintenance-requiring oil-compensated systems.

The goal for Kraken is the development of an uncomplicated and economical technology for the construction and application of mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems that withstand a hydrostatic pressure of around 600 bar (equivalent to diving depths of approx. 6,000 m). Based on this technology, Kraken  offers various electric drive systems with a power range from 100 W to 3.6 kW and energy supply systems based on lithium-polymer cells.

Achieving DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2018 demonstrates Kraken’s commitment to maintaining the position as a world-class provider of deep-sea pressure tolerant encapsulation technology, products, and services.

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