KATFISH™ is a high speed, actively stabilized Synthetic Aperture Sonar towfish that operates at speeds up to 10 knots. The high speed capability of KATFISH™ when compared to the slower moving ROVs or unstabilized towed sidescan sonar and AUVs, greatly increases Area Coverage Rates (ACR) therefore reducing operating time and cost.

KATFISH™ provides unprecedented high-resolution ACR of 4 km^/hr with 3.3 cm x 3.0 cm* constant resolution across ranges up to 200 m per side with simultaneous 3D bathymetry. *1.9 cm x 2.1 cm constant resolution possible with post-processing.

KATFISH™ incorporates Kraken’s latest generation Real-Time SAS
processor. RTSAS enables real-time processing of SAS imagery and bathymetry. On-board Automatic Target Detection survey data and contacts can be viewed directly on the ship as it is collected, or remotely from a mothership or shore-based command station.

KATFISH™ can be operated unmanned up to sea state 5 in combination with the SeaScout® system, which offers an autonomous launch and recovery system (ALARS), and intelligent Tentacle Winch®.

From the very beginning, the engineers at Kraken set out to design a towfish with unparalleled resolution and coverage rates to challenge the industry to rethink how hydrographic, pipeline, and mine countermeasure surveys should be conducted. Providing SAS capability and performance at an affordable cost has truly elevated KATFISH™ into a league of its own.

The KATFISH™ system comprises:

  • Actively-controlled intelligent towfish
  • 180 cm AquaPix® MINSAS
  • SAS gap reducer
  • 3D Laser gap-filler (SeaVision®)
  • Operator console
  • Forward looking sonar
  • Visualization and image processing software
  • MBES, INS, DVL, and USBL
  • Sound, Velocity, and Temperature sensor
  • Tentacle Winch™ and cable for operations to 300 m
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  • 4-10 knot tow speed
  • 4 km^/hr area coverage rate

  • High-resolution imagery
  • 3D bathymetry

  • Unmanned launch and recovery

  • Real-time processing

Models / Accessories / Software


The KATFISH™ is an active SAS tow vehicle based on Kraken AquaPix® MINSAS and SeaVision laser-imaging technologies. Industry’s best area coverage rates combined with ultra-high-resolution seabed imagery and 3D bathymetry. Rated up to 300 m.

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ALARS is a heave-compensated, Autonomous Launch and Recovery System. It works seamlessly with KATFISH™ to enable fully unmanned operations. Removes humans from out of harm’s ways in LARS operations. Rated up to Sea State 5.


Real-time SAS survey monitoring and control interface for KATFISH™ and Tentacle Winch™.





The Kraken team includes internationally recognized Autonomous Vehicle and Sonar experts. Their experience includes the design and supply of Underwater Vehicles, Advanced Autonomy Software, Synthetic Aperture Sonars and 3D RGB laser scanners, and a long history of research and development into military mine hunting sonar.

Kraken has formed strategic alliances and technical co-operation agreements with military, academic, and industry partners to facilitate rapid proof of concept and system risk reduction.

Kraken personnel have extensive experience in managing a wide range of product and system programs for customers in the defence market. Their success in designing, manufacturing and testing a product based on the user’s technical specification is well-established.

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