Robotics as a Service

With RaaS, Kraken offers leading underwater robotic solutions to meet the seabed survey needs of customers. As a complete service solution, we allow the customer to acquire survey data without the significant cost of asset ownership and maintenance. In paying in proportion to the equipment hours used, Kraken is providing customers with ultra-high definition seabed pixels by the hour.

Our RaaS offering is a menu of services for our customers’ survey needs. We can provide this on a turn-key basis or can work in a support role with a customer’s vessel or other partners. Services range from:

  • Mission planning
  • Mobilization
  • Survey operation
  • Data analysis and mission reporting
  • Demobilization

Engineering Support

We can provide a range of services to help our customers meet their specific objectives:

  • Integration support for our SAS and SeaVision™ sensors on customer vehicles
  • Custom design of launch and recovery systems
  • Robotics as a Service (RaaS) using either our tethered vehicle (KATFISH™) or AUV (THUNDERFISH®)
  • Rental or lease purchase options
  • Training
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Extended support and warranty plans

Acoustic Signal Processing

Kraken’s Acoustic Signal Processing (ASPG) group focuses on developing passive sonar technologies for naval and civilian applications.

The Acoustic Signal Processing Group (ASPG) has decades of experience in developing passive sonar signal processors and simulators, as well as providing lifecycle support for products in service with sophisticated naval customers.

The ASPG is working to combine passive sonar signal processing with deep learning in order to substantially automate the classification of contacts, which is traditionally extremely operator-intensive. Deep learning neural network methods are well-suited to the Nvidia GPU architecture, which opens the door to performing real-time classification of signals on board an AUV with a relatively limited power budget.

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