The Kraken SeaVision® system is a revolutionary new take on subsea 3D laser imaging. Designed to operate in a twin scanning configuration, with adjustable baseline, SeaVision can generate very high resolution 3D scans in full color. This is due to one of the unique features of SeaVision® which uses a Tri-Color laser system to produce full color imagery. Each unit has a low-light underwater camera, a high power LED light, and steerable RGB-line lasers.

SeaVision® – Performance Specifications

Color camera Quad VGA (1280 x 960)
Field of view – camera / twin tube system 65° x 50° / 80° x 50°
Steerable line lasers Class 3R – Red / Green / Blue
Integrated light 1300 lm LED
3D scan rate (80° x 50°) 0.1 Hz – 1 Hz
3D scan performance 300 K points / sec
Scan resolution @ 2 m 0.1 – 3.0 mm
Scan resolution @ 5 m 1.0 – 10.0 mm
Working Range 0.5 – 8 m
Values per point X/Y/Z, RGB – Color, Quality est.
Operational modes Single scan / Continuous profiling
Mounting Baseline 20 – 60 cm
Ethernet (2) GB / Daisy Chain
Serial (1) RS 485
Onboard storage Up to 2 TB
Processing Onboard, real time
Real time capability Live 3D scan preview / Live video
Output formats xyz, png, jpeg, mp4
User Interfaces Web based, Control / Data export


SeaVision® – System Physical Specifications

Dimensions 460 mm x 113 mm
Single tube weight 1000 m – air / water 7.0 kg / 2.0 kg
Power supply 24 VDC
Power draw per tube 20 W
Max sea water temperature 40˚C
Min start up temperature -5˚C
Calibration In field, computer aided

Innovative on-board processing techniques developed for Kraken’s Synthetic Aperture Sonar use internal motion compensation to produce a full 3D scan of 1.2 million points in 4 seconds, even on moving platforms. An external INS is not required and integral motion data can be exported to the vehicles control software. An auto-calibration systems allows for flexible mounting options to fit a variety of platforms including small ROV’s, Hovering Vehicles, and AUV’s. Eye Safe lasers allow for in field calibration which can be accomplished quickly in air, on deck, making it ideal for fly away, or temporary applications.