AquaPix® INSAS

Kraken has successfully developed and deployed a high-resolution Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (InSAS) called AquaPix®.  AquaPix® is capable of providing detailed seabed images with a constant resolution better than 3cm x 3cm out to a range of 300m from each side of an underwater vehicle (600m swath). It can also produce 3D bathymetric data with a resolution better than 25cm x 25cm out to full range while delivering very high depth accuracy, in compliance with IHO S44 special order requirements.

Dual sided max swath 200m at 8 kts (440m at 4 kts)
Single sided max plan range 100m at 8 kts (220m at 4 kts)
Dual sided area coverage rate 3.3 km squared per hour (with gap fill)
Survey altitude 13m (min 5m, max 30m)
Along track SAS image resolution 3.3cm
Across track SAS image resolution 3cm
SAS image grating lobe level -40dB
SAS bathymetry along track resolution 25cm (configurable up to 6cm)
SAS bathymetry across track resolution 25cm (configurable up to 6cm)
SAS bathymetry vertical accuracy 10cm
Pulse length 5ms (configurable 1ms -> 10ms)
Pulse bandwidth 40kHz
Pulse type Linear FM  (CHIRP)
Pulse centre frequency 337kHz
SAS robustness against yaw ±10° over 50m track length
SAS robustness against sway ±0.2 m/s
Max crab angle 20°

AquaPix® is designed for use onboard Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Remotely Operated Tow Vehicles (ROTVs), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Tow Bodies. Its modular and scalable design supports variable length arrays, variable platform speeds, variable swath widths and interferometric bathymetric capabilities.

Example of INSAS interferometric bathymetry data.

Alternate photo profile showing starboard installation of INSAS on DRDC Arctic Explorer AUV.

INSAS installed on the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Arctic Explorer AUV which found the missing Franklin Expedition Ship, HMS Erebus, in 2014.