AML Oceanographic & Kraken Sonar Systems open Dartmouth Offices

Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 08 2016 – The Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE) welcomes AML Oceanographic and Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. as each company establishes new offices in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

“Both AML and Kraken are well established and reputable members of the global oceanographic community,” says IORE CEO Jim Hanlon. “This is a clear indication that Nova Scotia is doing a good job of communicating our expertise, experience and commitment to world leading ocean tech companies and consumers.”

Both firms will be temporarily located at a Nova Scotia Community College property, pending the opening of the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), currently in development. This is part of NSCC’s continuing support to the ocean technology cluster.

The vision for COVE is an open innovation center with space for ocean technology companies, marine service companies, ocean researchers and students, international collaborators, and an ocean tech startup incubator. Based at the former Coast Guard Base lands on the Dartmouth waterfront, it will also pioneer outreach programs to forge connections among researchers and ocean technology firms across the region.

“The explosive growth of innovative companies focused on Oceans technology in Nova Scotia in recent years represents an opportunity for us to be at the heart of cutting edge research and development,” asserts Robert Haydock, President of AML Oceanographic. ”The opportunity to get involved in the COVE initiative at a ground level was too good to pass up.”

The opportunity to collaborate with other companies in the space is also attractive.  “Understanding that entrepreneurship requires persistence is not news to people, but it is often a surprise when they hear that talking to other people in your space can foster creativity and better market understanding,” explains Karl Kenny, President & CEO of Kraken Sonar Systems. “Having our NS office in a high energy and creative location with access to researchers and peers in the industry is a huge asset.”

IORE is excited to see COVE already fulfilling its potential as a hub where global leaders in marine business, science, and research work together to discover and develop new technologies and applications.

About AML Oceanographic –  Founded in 1974 in British Columbia, Canada, AML Oceanographic is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and sensors for hydrographic surveying, environmental monitoring, and more. The new office will be staffed by recent additions to the AML team: Mark Smith, Darrell Groom, and Murray Eisan. Their extensive backgrounds in the ocean technology industry bring a wealth of practical experience to AML and its customers. In addition to providing customers extended access to AML service and support, their focus will be on the technical development and production of sensor platforms and instrumentation. 

About Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. – Founded in 2012, Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of publicly traded Kraken Sonar Inc. (TSX.V:PNG). Kraken is dedicated to the production and sale of advanced acoustic sensors and underwater robotics. Kraken’s products have been sold to leading defence contractors, commercial survey companies and research institutions for producing real-time, ultra high resolution imagery, bathymetry and 3D maps of the seabed. Kraken’s new Nova Scotia office will be managed by Bill Spencer, one of the ocean technology industry’s most experienced executives. Bill recently joined Kraken from Rolls Royce Marine. He will lead a staff of engineers and technicians in the design, development and delivery of next-generation autonomous launch and recovery systems. These products will be used with Kraken’s new KATFISH™ actively controlled towfish, as well as future tethered and untethered underwater vehicles.

For more information, contact:

Kathleen Cameron, Manager
External Relations
Nova Scotia Community College
Tel: 902-499-7844

Pete Reedeker
Director of Customer Success
AML Oceanographic
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Kraken Sonar:

Sean Peasgood, Investor Relations
(416) 565-2805

Greg Reid, Chief Financial Officer
(416) 818-9822


Katie Cook
Event Coordinator and Executive Assistant