With RaaS, Kraken offers leading underwater robotic solutions to meet the seabed survey needs of customers. As a complete service solution, we allow the customer to acquire survey data without the significant cost of asset ownership and maintenance. In paying in proportion to the equipment hours used, Kraken is providing customers with ultra high definition seabed pixels by the hour.

Our RaaS offering is a menu of services for our customers’ survey needs. We can provide this on a turn-key basis or can work in a support role with a customer’s vessel or other partners. Services range from:

  • Mission planning
  • Mobilization
  • Survey operation
  • Data analysis and Mission Reporting
  • Demobilization


If you have a short-term need for a tethered vehicle (KATFISH™) or an AUV (THUNDERFISH®), we welcome your inquiry.  For further information on our RaaS, Please email our VP Business Development, Jeff Bartkowski, at jbartkowski@krakenrobotics.com.