DataPod™ has been designed to meet today’s data storage requirements for rugged marine applications. It combines the ease of use of a Network Attached Storage system with the reliability of a RAID array and solid state storage all in one compact unit. Each DataPod™ module utilizes the latest solid-state disk drive technology to provide a high-density, reliable, removable data storage solution. The unit enables high bandwidth recording with up to 2.5 Terabytes (2 TB in RAID configuration) in a 1000m depth rated pressure module. Each DataPod™ weighs less than 3 kilograms and is built to withstand extremes in temperature, shock, vibration and water integrity.


No tools are required to remove the module making it ideal for applications where removal and replacement of onboard storage must be quickly accomplished. DataPod™ modules can be easily transported and used interchangeably. A wet-mateable connector enables operators to “hotplug” and “hotswap” the module without powering down the host system to change modules.


DataPod™ uses a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface to plug directly into a personal computer or a local/wide area networks.