Autonomous Launch and Recovery Systems

Launch and recovery is one of the highest risk operations undertaken in the application of towed or autonomous underwater vehicles. The primary function of an autonomous launch and recovery system is to enable an unmanned vehicle and its payloads to be brought aboard a host ship safely, efficiently and without damage.


Next-generation surface vessels will carry a variety of unmanned vehicles and modular mission packages that will require specialized launch and recovery equipment. With the establishment of Kraken’s Handling Systems Division (HSD) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Kraken now has in-house capability to design and manufacture Autonomous Launch and Recovery Systems (A-LARS) for Unmanned Maritime Vehicles. Kraken’s team in Nova Scotia is designing a LARS system for both the KATFISH as well as the THUNDERFISH products and also will do custom design work for third parties.

The HSD group is led by Bill Spencer who brings extensive experience in the aerospace and ocean engineering fields. Bill was recently the Engineering Manager at Rolls-Royce Naval Marine and responsible for the development of advanced launch and recovery systems used by a wide variety of military, commercial and ocean science customers. The other members of the HSD are also ex-Rolls-Royce engineers and designers and have considerable expertise in ocean engineering.