Kraken’s SeaVision® lowers operational and maintenance costs and increases life of field management. It allows for the creation of baseline “as-built” model, change detection and the quantification of defects, wear, and corrosion throughout the asset’s life.

SeaVision® uses an innovative, breakthrough, self-positioning technology that relies on the sensor visual base pose estimation solution for dynamic laser scanning, multiple scan registration and profiling, without the need for an additional navigational payload.

SeaVision® combines laser scanning, profiling, with photogrammetry and AI in a single sensor. The final output is an ultra-high-resolution, full color, 3D models and HDR photography.

Gone are the days of time consuming and potentially inaccurate measurements of your underwater assets with ROV calipers or video inspections. SeaVision® uses innovative processing techniques that combine steerable structure laser lines with photogrammetry to produce ultra-high-resolution, full color, and 3D scan of a million points in only 4 seconds, all on moving platforms.

The level of detail captured in a single sweep of your asset enables you to benchmark structural dimensions, deterioration, or weaknesses allowing you to better assess, plan, prepare, and predict when you will require upcoming maintenance, repair, life extension, or decommissioning; reducing your overall operational costs.

From the very beginning, SeaVision® was designed without requiring an expensive external navigation solution and complex/inflexible sensor navigation payload calibration.

SeaVision® Self-Reference Software estimates motion data from the sensors’ own imaging solution. It corrects motion during scans, aligns multiple consecutive scans and estimates vehicle motion during continuous profiling acquisition.

SeaVision® operates in an extendable configuration of computer vision cameras with embedded GPU and SSD storage, steerable or fixed laser lines, and a high-power LED.

SeaVision® applications are broad and include underwater 3D inspections of mooring chains, risers, pipelines, and other oil and gas, and offshore wind structures. 3D inspections also include ship hulls, marine ecology, marine archaeology, and much more.

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  • 120 laser profiles per second

  • Estimating position based on visual features

  • Up to 0.1mm resolution

  • Scanning or profiling modes

  • Embedded processing

  • Plug and play web GUI

Models / Accessories / Software

Twin Scanner

SeaVision® technology integrated into a twin scanner pod configuration. Flexible baseline with scanning or profiling modes 2x HD cameras, 2x high-power LED light, 6x steerable RGB-line lasers, 2x embedded GPUs and embedded storage. Rated up to 1000 m or 3000 m

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SeaVision® technology integrated into a full ocean depth profiler configuration. Equipped with 1x HD camera and 1x HP laser line. Extendable LED light control. Rated up to 6000 m


Visual-based motion estimation software which enables motion correction during scans, aligns multiple consecutive scans, and estimates vehicle motion during continuous profiling acquisition



3D Models



The Kraken team includes international, highly-recognized experts on underwater vision, 3D reconstruction, underwater vehicle integration, data processing, and in-field data acquisition. Members of the team worked for many years at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) before founding the German office of Kraken, leveraging their experience in artificial intelligence, adaptive algorithms, and innovative robotic systems. The Kraken team has worked together with all major offshore oil and gas companies, as well as major players in offshore wind, while forming strong relationships in the area of subsea inspection and asset integrity management. Combined with the team’s strong connection to all major European Maritime research institutes, Kraken delivers unmatched performance in underwater 3D reconstruction, image processing, and artificial intelligence.

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